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Boost your Instagram profile by attracting organic, targeted story views. Growing your view count not only enhances your visibility but also strengthens your credibility, helping you build a loyal community and increase engagement.

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Grow Your Profile With Automatic Instagram Story Views

Our system automatically detects new posts on your Instagram profile, and sends automatic views (real accounts) to them.

Automatic Detection

As soon as you upload, our system detects your new story and starts sending real views.

Unlimited Stories

You can post as many stories as you want and choose as many story views as you want.

Dynamic Quantity

We occasionally send 5-10% more views to make sure your stories maintain a natural look.

Delay Views

You can choose how fast or slow your views should be delivered on every story.

Dedicated Support

We strive for a long term partnership by taking you beyond your initial expectations

Cancel Anytime

You may cancel your services for any reason, any time. No contracts or additional fees.

How To Get Automatic Views On Instagram Stories

1. Choose Your Story Views Plan

The first step is to select the plan with a desired quantity of views and don’t forget to indicate your Instagram user.

2. Finish Your Purchase

Proceed to the payment page subscribing securely. You will receive a confirmation message on your e-mail.

3. Upload & Instantly Receive Views

Your order will be activated within 24 hours. After that, you’ll receive instant views on every new story on your Instagram.

Why Instagram Story Views Are So Important

Instagram stories are an effective way to gain attention from your target market.  If you haven’t implemented this social media trend into your digital marketing plan, that needs to change! 

You can use Instagram stories to update followers about your business.  These stories have a 24-hour lifespan.  Instagram story views indicate how many users actually saw your story while it was live.

But after that 24-hour time period, users who missed out will still get a chance to view your content.  Archived stories, called Instagram highlights, are placed in a folder where they can still be seen by your followers.

When using stories as part of your digital marketing plan, it’s vital to get a high number of Instagram story views.  The reason why is simple. More views mean your brand is being exposed to more followers, and the more those followers interact with your brand, the more likely they are to become your customers. 

This increase in customers will certainly help your bottom line by making your business more profitable.

Here are a few highly-effective ways to use Instagram stories:

  • Promote your products or services.  When Instagram users see how awesome those products and services are, they will be eager to purchase them.
  • Announce upcoming product or service launches.  This will get your followers excited about what you are going to offer, possibly convincing them to buy it before the product or service is even launched.
  • Offer special deals that your customers can’t resist.  This will increase sales.

But remember, the only way your stories will bring you the results you want, is to make sure each story gets a high number of Instagram story views.

Why You Should Buy Story Views on Instagram

Many digital marketers are using Instagram stories to reach more followers and you can too! But how can you ensure your stories will make a positive difference in your business?

You could upload your Instagram stories and wait for them to go viral but that isn’t the best plan.  Instead of just hoping for your stories to be seen, buy story views to make sure they will reach tons of followers.

Here’s why this works:

  • When you buy story views, the view count of your current story will increase.
  • This increase in views will improve your story’s rank in Instagram’s feed.
  • A higher rank equates to greater visibility.
  • When your story is more visible, more users will see it.

By making a small (but smart) investment, you can make sure your marketing efforts will pay off.  If you aren’t convinced this is the way to go, consider the alternative, which would be to just upload an Instagram story and wait for followers to find it.

However, due to the vast amount of Instagram stories competing for attention, your story could end up just sitting there with no viewers. If that were to happen, your work in creating and uploading the story would be wasted and your brand would go unnoticed. 

But if you buy story views you can know for sure that your brand will be seen.  Plus, those who do see your stories will be more likely to take them seriously when they notice the high number of views those stories have already received. 

This high number will lead them to conclude that your stories must be worth watching. Not wanting to miss out, they will eagerly view your content. 

But the benefits don’t stop there.  When you buy story views, you can speed up the process of establishing your presence on Instagram.  This often takes time and patience, but your popularity will get a jumpstart if you buy story views.   


How To Go Viral On Instagram

When posting on Instagram, your goal is probably to go viral.  Why?  Because of the benefits listed below:

  • More Instagram users will see your content, which will quickly increase your followers and traffic.
  • There is a better chance of getting noticed by Instagram influencers and celebrities. If they like your content, they might let their own followers know about you.  This would increase your reach exponentially!
  • Going viral on Instagram is a cost-effective method for gaining new followers and customers. This is true even when you have to spend a little extra to buy story views.

Getting an Instagram post to go viral obviously involves producing high-quality content and using the right hashtags. But that’s not all you have to think about.

Your content has to be unique and stand out from the overcrowded collection of Instagram stories.  And it should come as no surprise that Instagram is all about displaying visually pleasing content, which is something to keep in mind when your goal is to go viral. 

You can also get a clue about what your target market really wants to see on Instagram by looking at the types of stories your competitors have succeeded with.   

But all of this is hard work! And even if you follow the right steps, you still might struggle with getting your Instagram content seen by users.

What’s the solution? Buy Instagram stories! 

Remember, the more views your stories get, the more users they will reach.  So, an upward climb in Instagram story views increases the odds of those stories going viral.  And when they go viral, your business will get the attention it needs.

Best Website To Buy Instagram Story Views

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We offer the best services in the business, with an affordable automatic views plan that will activate within 24 hours. No password is required to take advantage of our great deals on Instagram automatic story views.

We can get you hundreds or thousands of story views on command, providing you with real accounts to help you grow your brand and influence.

Security is guaranteed when you buy story views from Grow My Profile.  You won’t have to give us your login information and we act in accordance with Instagram’s terms of service and privacy policy in order to keep your account in good standing.

And don’t worry about what users who see your stories will think.  Your decision to buy story views will be our little secret.  No one has to know. 

They will just see that your Instagram story has already acquired a high number of views, but they won’t be able to tell where those views came from. 

We also have dedicated client support for any questions, concerns, or requests. We’re happy to help answer your questions and make sure you’re fully confident in the services before you make a purchase.

Contact us on WhatsApp, through WeChat, or by telephone, and we’ll be happy to address any issues or answer any questions.

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