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Want To Put Your Instagram Account For Sale?


Updated on 08/04/2021.

It’s 2021, folks. Instagram is even bigger now, and there are so many new accounts for sale, which is why we decided to update this article and expand on a few more points,s including:

  • Things to consider before putting your Instagram account for sale
  • The best places to sell your Instagram account
  • A detailed price table that helps you see how much your Instagram account is actually worth

Recently, Instagram decided to remove millions of bots from their social media platform, resulting in massive drops in the follower count of many people and celebrities. That said, selling your Instagram account now has a deeper value, especially if it has real followers.

Whether you came across an Instagram account for sale or want to sell your own, you should know the basics and always make a good decision. The truth is, Instagram has grown a lot over the past years, becoming one of the most social media with active users.

Obviously, if you want to buy an Instagram account with a certain number of followers, you should go for a well-built profile and, most importantly, unique followers with real profiles. Instead, you would be wasting your time and money.

On the flip side, putting your Instagram account for sale should adhere to the same rules from a different perspective. In other words, you should know who the main followers are and what niche the account is in.

To help you make the right decision when buying or selling your Instagram account, we list some of the most important tips, tricks, and strategies below. Let’s begin by describing the new marketplace that was formed with this trend.

All of the titles will come with the [UPDATED 2021] word before them so that you know that the content is fresh.

Why Instagram Accounts For Sale Are The New Marketplace

The reason why more and more people are putting their Instagram accounts and pages for sale is simple – there is real money to be made from this decision, and there are a lot of people interested in it.

Nowadays, an Instagram account for sale with (even) 10k followers can be a great advertising vehicle – or build authority from a brand’s perspective. People are checking brands on Instagram more than ever, and the conversion with them and their products are on a different level.

So, it is more than evident why selling is profitable both for the sellers and the buyers. With the quality of photos being on the highest level so far, it is easy to see how big of a marketplace Instagram has become – and why seizing every opportunity and learning how to grow a network is a pure skill nowadays.

To explain to you what is the most important thing when buying and selling an Instagram account, we begin with the criteria that make buying/selling profiles on Instagram actually worth it. Or in other words, we are talking about the popularity of Instagram profiles nowadays and the opportunities they introduce us to – below.

Selling Your Instagram Account: The Criteria That Makes It Worth It

If you want to put your Instagram account for sale, the first thing you need to do is make sure that your influence is profitable. Here, the number of followers is not the only thing that matters. What matters most and the price is oriented at is mostly the niche (which must be desirable) and the conversion that your account received.

So basically, you should make sure that your account has been there for a while with at least 40,000 followers. Even though, as we said earlier, there are Instagram accounts for sale with 10k, 20k, and 30k followers, the best way to profit is to sell your Instagram account if it has at least 40k followers.

Additionally, you should make sure that the account is in good standing. This means that ideally, it was never penalized, suspended, warned, or violated Instagram’s Terms of Service any time in the past. And even though high activity is welcome, it is not a thing that is required by many buyers, as fewer active accounts simply earn less.

However, if your account has significant activity levels, you should emphasize that and earn it when putting your Instagram account for sale.

Buying/Selling An Instagram Account: What To Look For

When buying an Instagram account for sale, you should always think twice and see things in detail. From the follower count to the actual interaction, the number of posts, and the engagement rate – there are many details you want to check and make sure the Instagram account you are buying is well worth the price.

Having said that, the influence of Instagram is rising, and many people take advantage of this and offer their Instagram accounts for sale for very high prices. Thinking twice and being careful in such situations is therefore very important.

Additionally, there is a rule when buying Instagram accounts that says ‘talk to real people. This is only because most of the fake accounts with bots are sold by fake buyers. However, if a real Instagram profile for sale with a certain amount of followers is sold by its true owner (and there is proof for that), you will know that you are making the right decision.

Some of the most popular marketplaces include the names of services like Social Tradia, Viral Accounts, Xs-Sol, or TooFame and forums such as Black Hat World, The Warrior Forum, etc. You should be looking at internet marketing forums and similar marketplaces when buying an Instagram account for sale.

As we said above, your Instagram account can be put for sale on different forums – or on the websites we mentioned above (Social Tradia, Viral Accounts, etc.). All you need to do is create a thread about it – and name itInstagram account for sale with 100k’ (example).

Even though most of these services only link the buyers to the sellers, PayPal is usually the platform through which the sale is being made in most cases. The idea of paying can be best detailed through PayPal – which also offers a dispute option if there is any kind of fraud after the money has been sent.

[Updated 2021] 3 Things To Consider Before Putting Your Instagram Account For Sale

If you are reading this section, it probably means that you consider selling your Instagram account. Now that you have read the precautious things that prevent you from buying an Instagram account full of bots and followers, it’s time to think about what you need to consider before selling your account.

  1. Good account name – A good name can help you sell your account faster and make it more desirable. On the other hand, long names or copyright trademarks are often overlooked.
  2. Account activity – Make sure that your IG account is active all the time. Accounts with a lot of followers and likes but minimum activity tend to be underpriced.
  3. Account niche – Your niche also makes up for the price of your account and is an important factor in it. Overused topics such as pictures of nature, amazing things, dogs/cats, and memes are worth less than more unique and useful accounts. Most importantly, profiles representing tangible products (fitness, fashion, cars, etc.) are worth more.

So, while it may be hard to price out a property without actually looking at some insights or statistics, the general rule of thumb for selling your Instagram account is a simple formula – which we present in part below.

How To Know That You Are Not Buying An Instagram Account For Sale Full Of Fake Followers (Bots)?

As we said above, many things affect the price of Instagram accounts for sale other than the number of followers. Just like that, some accounts can be found for a couple of hundred to thousand dollars – but also ones you can get starting at $50.

The general factors that make the difference when it comes to an Instagram account for sale and its price are:

The number of followers (real or bots?)

As the first and foremost indicator that tells you ‘how popular’ an Instagram account for sale is, the number of followers is of primary importance to buyers and sellers when determining the price.

However, the number of followers can also be a number that is easily manipulated by ‘fake’ followers or bots – developed through different malicious practices. That is why there are many profiles with thousands of fake followers.

So, it is important to find an Instagram account for sale that has real followers only. Luckily, a handy little tool called Follower Check can spot fake followers for you and prevent you from buying such an account.


The next factor that makes the price go up and down is engagement. Now, many companies buy and sell accounts that are in reality ‘dead’ – without any interest from their followers or conversion from them. This is mostly because these types of accounts have been used in different niches or for different interests – and are packed with followers that are not using Instagram much or are using it and not taking action.

Ultimately, there is why there are many Instagram accounts for sale that goes for as little as a few hundred bucks, making the deal seem too good to be true. That is why you should always check the engagement level, aside from the follower count and the other factors that come below.

Channel theme

As we mentioned earlier, selling and buying Instagram accounts is a practice that happens just like that, without the owners of the accounts and the potential buyers investigating the true purpose of the account theme or subject.

For example, an Instagram account for sale with 50k followers with photos about traveling and nice destinations – is not going to be a right fit for someone interested in buying an Instagram account and using it as his fashion blog.

That is why the people who want to buy Instagram accounts for sale and re-use them somehow need to be aware of the account’s theme, subject, and potential followers. Usually, the most popular accounts for sale include themes like travel, fashion, sports, fitness, food, or cars.

Niche/theme popularity

Another general rule of thumb in the Instagram account buying/selling marketplace is the popularity of the account’s niche or theme. This happens because most fashion, fitness, or travel-related accounts take less time to be built and rack up some followers – rather than personal brands, agencies, and similar types of accounts.


Last but not least in the list of factors that determine the price and popularity of an Instagram account – are the monetization options. Basically, a monetized Instagram account is an account that posts images and earns revenue from ads.

Therefore, the price for monetized Instagram accounts for sale about vehicles sales can be greater once you see the analytics and previous sales the owner did. Similarly, if your Instagram account for sale has advertised and earned sales – you should know that it has the potential of selling higher than you probably expected.

[Updated 2021] A Price Chart With The Latest Instagram Account Prices

If you wonder how much your Instagram is actually worth, you should know that prices are very relative in this domain. Follower count, niche, activity, and perceived personal value all come to play and affect the bottom line.

After all, your Instagram account maybe a couple of years old – and you don’t want to sell it cheap, right?

There is a general formula that represents the optimal value of Instagram accounts nowadays. It goes like this:

$0.50 – $3.00 USD per 1k US/UK/AU/CA-based followers.

Now, if you have followers from other countries or a specific country with fewer residents, the price may go up. The same rule applies if the niche is more centered on one thing or a particular product or service.

So, it is up to you to properly estimate and see how much is your Instagram account actually worth.

[Updated 2021] The Best Places To Sell Your Instagram Account

Struggling to find buyers for your Instagram account for sale?

In 99% of cases, most Instagram account holders (like you) are unaware that people want to buy these things. So, the most important thing to remember is to never list your account as for sale on a website that is open to the public – or put any link for people to see.

By doing this, you will jeopardize the sale and may even bring the price lower. The second thing is to be aware of potentially being scammed – there are many hackers nowadays who want to steal or cheat you out when buying your Instagram account.

Some of the things to remember during a transaction include:

  • Never hand over your account before a payment is made (unless dealing with a real property)
  • If an offer is unusually high, make sure to think twice and use an escrow service to stay protected
  • Do not hand any details or login info until the payment has been made
  • Do not hand any email or mobile phone information (which may be necessary) during the sale
  • Make sure that your email has a different password from your Instagram account
  • Enable the two-factor authentication through your mobile phone – it can help you prevent fraud

Fingers crossed for a happy transaction!

A Final Word

In the end, the conclusion is simple….

Selling your Instagram account for sale with thousands of followers won’t make you richer – just like buying one won’t make you poor. The real art of Instagram is when you learn how to make your account’s followers and engagement numbers go up – and then decide what is best for it.

Whether it is your own brand – or your idea is only to flip through (buying and selling multiple) Instagram accounts – learning how to grow your Instagram account is a real skill. Fortunately, many services can also help you and give you great follower counts dedicated to different profiles.

One of them is our platform, Grow My Profile. For more information on how it can help you grow your Instagram account – click this link!

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