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How to Use LinkedIn For Business


Today, LinkedIn is considered the definitive online platform for networking professionals from different companies around the world. It is also incredibly effective for business, like other social networks.

Having a LinkedIn page allows your business to recruit and find top talent. You make the most out of it by creating and sharing posts relevant to your base of followers and developing sponsored ads to further promote your products and overall brand.

With an abundance of opportunities for businesses and job seekers alike, LinkedIn provides connections to find jobs, attract talent, and establish a company as a leader in its industry. It’s never been easier than before for businesses to find new and rising talent.


  1. Create a page for your company

Investing in a company page is the foundation of success for any true business on LinkedIn. It allows potential job candidates and customers to discover information surrounding your business’s brand, products, jobs, and services. This is entirely free to set up and simply requires your email address and personal account on LinkedIn.

Start by selecting your business type. You can elect for small, medium, to full-size. Conversely, you can make your page an academic institution and a showcase page.

After writing the description, you will then be asked to fill in various other details, including the name of your business, industry, company type, size, and website.

Always be certain you include a cover image and logo to represent the identity of your business before hitting Publish. Inform other employees that the page is active so they can edit their personal accounts and positions, then add your company page to their profiles.


  1. Create a page for careers

Searching for employees that mesh well with your internal corporate culture and bring the right skills to the table is an ongoing challenge for businesses of every size. 

LinkedIn offers career pages to allow companies to represent their mission, seek out workers, and measure how well their goals are impacting the community.

Using the Life tab, job seekers have the ability to view the culture of a company. Businesses can produce long-form posts and pictures of leaders, deliver insights, and produce videos. Multiple versions of this tab can be created to target more than one audience.


  1. Become a part of LinkedIn Groups

Once you have established a career page and a company page, you should then focus your efforts on promoting the business on the platform. A key method for achieving this goal lies in creating LinkedIn groups that are directly connected to your business’s page. 

To create groups, you simply need to add a description, logo, and title. Next, you will need to determine the rules of the group. Third, consider joining existing groups on LinkedIn that align with your personal and professional interests, like social media marketing. These groups help develop your presence as an expert in the industry and will allow you to send more traffic to your LinkedIn page.

Do not rely on LinkedIn groups as a place to advertise products and services. Rather, share content that is meaningful with those who demonstrate an interest in your industry and business.

Engage people in your network with valuable comments. It’s important to constantly add to the conversation and share your professional expertise.


  1. Acquire followers

Sharing and publishing content is worthless if the content is not visible. You should constantly be trying to grow your base of followers on the platform. 

This means posting widgets of LinkedIn on your business’s website, adding your information to a signature, and having existing employees promote the company page on their own accounts. Of course, you can be old-fashioned and put your information down on a business card you plan to hand out to prospective clients.


  1. Share and publish

Similar to any marketing campaign with successful outreach, you as a business must understand your audience and what they desire to look at when browsing LinkedIn. It’s essential to share and publish content designed to benefit these followers aside from simply promoting your own company.

Doing too much self-promotion reduces engagement and costs significant followers in the long run.


  1. Schedule your content

Regular publishing is the key to a successful social media presence. Content for posts should be scheduled on a calendar in order to maintain consistency. There are innumerable tools out there to help automate such a process, including Hootsuite, Buffer, and Tailwind, to name several examples.

Of course, you don’t want to post too much. The problem with being too loud is that it manages to attract significant engagement at the beginning but then starts to annoy people after a while. You should only share the most impactful content you can find or come up with.


  1. Have variety in your content

Keeping all your topics and tones the same will inevitably get stale over time. Always try to switch things up regularly, posting a variety of articles, videos, and images. It’s also extremely beneficial to cater posts to certain times of the year, including and especially holidays.

LinkedIn provides features to publish photos and videos. Within the dedicated mobile app, you can post right to your timeline. Numerous font styles and filters have been introduced in recent years. This allows your company to share behind-the-scenes looks to highlight news. It has been statistically proven that video has five times the chance to drive engagement than any other type of media.


  1. Embrace analytics and tracking

The greatest way to offer content that is relevant to the audience is to understand what they want and what they are looking for. By tracking and monitoring historical posts, you can start to organize what is working versus what is not.

LinkedIn provides analytics for company pages to evaluate trends, post engagement, and understand the demographics of these followers.


  1. Take advantage of sponsorships

You can create content that is sponsored on LinkedIn. While native advertising costs money, they have proven to be far more effective than traditional content because of detailed targeting. There is significant customization and freedom available, as you can target audiences based on age, geographic location, and specific industries.


  1. Time your posts

As with all other social media networks, finding the proper time to post content has a substantial impact on the level of engagement you will receive. It’s critical to not only post consistently (at least twice a week) and determine the right day and time that works best for your audience.


  1. Use marketing tools

There are tons of free and paid tools you can use to enhance your marketing capabilities as a business on LinkedIn. 

Services such as GrowMyProfile offer you the ability to purchase likes, comments, followers, views on your acounts and posts on several social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and Twitter automatically. If you are a musician, others like Musicvertising offer targeted promotion and playlists placements on platforms like Spotify. 

Several other most popular examples include Canva, Hootsuite, and SlideShare.

Canva allows you to design images with your own graphics and fonts for use in LinkedIn posts. These images make posts far more compelling and engaging. Taking the extra effort and initiative to create your own allows your business and brand to truly stand out. With Canva, you can also develop videos and GIFs using stock footage or your own video.

If you have whitepapers, infographics, or presentations you desire to share on LinkedIn, consider using SlideShare. Because LinkedIn is directly connected with it, you can easily upload OpenDocument, PDF, PowerPoint, and Word files. Use the built-in analytics feature to track user engagement.

Finally, Hootsuite provides an all-in-one platform to track your scheduling, comments, posts, and general analytics. You can even use it to boost your better posts to reach the highest number of people.

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